A Simple Approach Producing Videos

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19 Apr



We’ve worked with many businesses approaching a video project for the first time. Here are a few key things to think about when developing film or video content. Many of these are obvious, but when you write them down and define them it helps focus the lens a little better when crafting the direction for your project.


Use the acronym GRATT: I heard this on a podcast with an industry professional and thought it was a really helpful guide for beginners and for experts. 

  • Goal: What’s the goal or objective your looking to achieve.
  • Requirements: Uncover specific messages and requirements that you need to do to hit those goals. I believe subtle and branded messages are incredibly influential. Here’s an example. 


  • Actions: What actions do we need to evoke through the videos. (I added to this by defining the actions of Feel,  Learn,  Do)
  • Tone: What’s the tone of your brand and messages.
  • Target: Who’s your target demographic.


Expand on the Actions 

  • Feel: Create an emotional engagement between your brand and your viewers. Make your viewers feel a certain way. Happy, Inspired, Engaged, Connected. Ex: Story-based videos, creative concepts.
  • Learn: Educate your viewers and teach them something valuable. Ex: Vlogs, How to videos.
  • Do: Motivate your viewers to do something. I believe if you do a great job with Feel & Learn, Do will take care of itself. Ex: Whether it’s getting a viewer to share their email address, engage with your social media channels, register for an event, or make a purchase online, if you engage and teach you’ll have a really good chance of seeing an ROI from video.

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