A New Model for Treating Substance Abuse: Aware Recovery Care

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19 Sep

Aware Recovery Care’s unique and innovative In-home Addiction Treatment (IHATTM) program was founded on the research supported idea that recovery in the “real-world” leads to far better rehabilitation results. In fact, extensive research has shown that receiving integrated medical care and compassionately monitored support in the home promotes lasting recovery, improves outcomes, and increases the patient’s overall physical and psychological well-being. 

COLONY had the privilege of meeting and working with the Aware Recovery Care team. Our goal included producing a series of videos that spread awareness and help educate people about a newer approach to substance abuse treatment.

Overview Video

The overview video was a combination of interviews with Aware Recovery Care team members whom some have gone through the program. It’s a highly educational but engaging piece that aims to communicate just how far Aware Recovery Care goes to ensure their patients receive a lasting recovery.

Testimonial Series

This testimonial is one in a series of powerful spots that illustrates how Aware Recovery Care is helping their patients come out of a dark period in their life and into the light of recovery. Here’s Mike’s story.

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