Simplifying the Complex: Burris Logistics x Colony Video



21 Sep

Colony Video

Food Getting From Producer to Plate

Have you ever wondered where your food comes from? When you go shopping there’s a lot of food on shelves, throughout isles, in refrigerators, and in freezers. It’s something we simply take for granted. But behind the glass doors, there are companies that make it their mission to serve you and your family.


Burris Logistics is one of those companies. They’re an industry leader in providing the logistics that allows food to get from the manufacturer to your freezer. End-to-End Supply Chain Management is the term used to describe their business. The business is both fascinating and complex. What makes Burris so special is that they’re fantastic at simplifying the complex. They are innovators and industry experts. They have a huge responsibility in an industry with a low margin for error. Everyone is relying on them to deliver…and that they do. They do so by introducing new technology and tools to make their operations more efficient and most of all add value to their clients.


Approaching The Video Production Component

Approaching the idea to produce a video for their IT Solutions we knew we had to take a page out of their playbook. We had the task of trying to communicate these key messages through being creative, covering a wide variety of topics and simplifying their process. Our goal was to deliver a product that was as easy to comprehend as the directions on the back of a frozen pizza box.

Working with Miranda Creative, we really focused on a specific number of voices to convey the messages clearly and concisely. Our team knew we had to have a combination of Burris team members as well as customers. In pre-production, we crafted a narrative that helped viewers easily digest the information in a streamlined fashion. I think the most underestimated aspect of the production that really brought the video project together was the music selection. We took a risk by selecting a sound bed that was probably out of most people’s comfort zone. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive! We were lucky because as most video production companies know, you edit the video to the music. So, fortunately, the music track helped us live up to the high-quality standard set by Burris. #MakeItHappen

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