How to Approach A Video Project



27 Sep

How to Approach A Video Project


Clarifying the Ambiguity!


Approaching a video project is usually ambiguous and cumbersome. But, if you haven’t done much video in your marketing strategy it can be extra difficult.

After years of trying to clarify ambiguity in discovery meetings, I heard the acronym GRATT on a podcast (I cannot remember the producer so I apologize that I cannot give credit where it’s due) and really liked it. The producer was talking about how to approach a video project and had been in the industry for many years. I put it to use and found it to be effective, especially with clients who aren’t as savvy as some of the major brands at producing video content.


Big Budget, Small Budget, Same Principles Apply

Whether you’re doing a video project that’s huge or small, many of the same principles remain. There’s always a Goal for the video. You’ve probably outlined several Requirements that the video needs to include. There are specific Actions you want your viewer to take once they view the video. Your brand has a Tone that’d you like to keep consistent through video. And, there’s a Target demographic that you like to reach. Unless you sell pizza, then your target demographic is everyone.

Using the acronym GRATT you can begin to clearly define your approach to producing a big budget video, a small budget video, or multiple deliverable projects. This acronym is great for people just starting out as well as industry veterans.


Example of GRATT: Using an “award show” example we break down each item.


  • Goal: Identify the goal for the video(s).
    • Create a video that can be shown at our award show. We want it to highlight one of our teachers that’s receiving the award.
  • RequirementsUncover specific messages and requirements that need to be captured to hit your goal. 
    • Interview past and present students, teachers, and friends.
    • 2-3 minutes in length.
    • Highlight the teacher’s career and how she has contributed to countless students getting into top-tier colleges, dedicating her life’s work towards education, community service, and empowering young people to achieve their goals.
    • Show the gym that’s been named after her as well as general footage of the school. We’d like to get footage of her teaching too. She was very involved in athletics so if we can get some video footage of the lacrosse team that’d be great.
  • Actions: What actions do we need to evoke through the video?
    • We want our viewers to know what an impact she has made in the lives of the students, community, and the school.
    • We want this to reinforce what high-quality academic institution we have and the teachers that make it possible. It’s not inexpensive to send students here, so we want their parents to feel reinforced that their child is getting a superb education with the best teachers.
  • Tone: What’s the tone of their brand, always be consistent with their tone?
    • She’s very energetic so we don’t want it to feel too moody, slow, or like it’s a retirement party.
    • Energetic and inspirational music.
  • Target: Who’s the target demographic we’re trying to reach? 
    • Students, Parents, Faculty, and Community.
    • We also want a component to be targeted towards families thinking about sending their children here. To show them what an exceptional group of educators we have.


This is just one example of how to approach a video project. There are countless more, but if you’re stuck and need a guide, consider GRATT.

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