Dr. Sheffield’s Toothpaste

Half Rats

Dr. Sheffield is considered the inventor of modern toothpaste and in 1886 developed the idea to sell his natural toothpaste formula in a collapsible tube. The brand partnered with COLONY and Google to produce a series of spots and launch its first brand marketing campaign.

Client: Dr. Sheffield's Toothpaste

Client: Dr. Sheffield’s Toothpaste

Brand Manager: Matt Royer


Director: Michael Fagan
Executive Producer: Brian Fagan
DP: Quinton Brogan
Producer: Gabe Dreyer
Copywriters: Michael Fagan, Matt Royer
Mix: Massive
Color: The Mill
Colourist: Elias Nousiopoulos
Production Design: Chloe Barcelou
Sound: Jack Bradley
Make Up FX: Kyle Pasciutti
1st AC: Asa Reed
2nd AC: Pierce Purzenski
3rd AC: Kristina Delp
Gaffer: Dave Taylor
PA: Cameron Kingdon
Talent: Conrad Sokolowski, John Gorham, Paul Kandarian