Myron Mixon Smokers

Client: Myron Mixon Smokers

Advertising Agency: Miranda Creative

Production: COLONY

Creative Development | Content Production | Strategy


About: Celebrity Chef Myron Mixon launched his brand of premium meat smokers and needed an effective way to communicate the product’s quality and separate his smokers from the competition.


Goal:  To brand a new line of premium smokers while increasing both sales and brand awareness.


Challenge: Smokers can retail for as little as a few hundred dollars. So this is a tough market to compete in given the fact that Myron Mixon Smokers can retail upwards of $5,000. Our challenge was to demonstrate the value and why Myron Mixon smokers are worth every penny.


Solution: Production of four branded content video targeting the following areas: Brand Introduction, Flat Rack Smoker Series, Vulcan Series, :30 Branding Spot. 


Results: Increased Facebook audience, Generated over 100,000 combined views on Facebook and YouTube, Contributed to product sales growth

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