Bowen’s Wharf

Client: Bowen’s Wharf

Advertising Agency: 6 Square

Production: COLONY

Campaign: For Everything


About: Bowen’s Wharf in Newport, RI is an iconic location and ranked as one of the world’s most desirable destinations to visit. While the wharf has a storied past of historical significance they understood it was time to shift gears with their branding efforts and take a digital direction. COLONY was tapped as the agency to help drive their brand into the hands of an online demographic.



Creative Direction: In the past, Bowen’s Wharf has primarily focused on producing traditional and direct advertising spots. The COLONY team pitched a branding spot that took a storyline approach as well as including micro-content to support the overview video. The true value of Bowen’s Wharf is added by the 30+ merchants who have a brick and mortar presence.  We didn’t want this aspect to get lost in the messaging because there is so much natural beauty that makes up the Wharf, sunset over the water, sailboat masts creating a skyline in the harbor, etc. The creative direction was to illustrate the wharf’s value through family and friends gathering to throw a surprise birthday party for a mom. The spot takes our viewers through a series of events that include a lie, gifts being bought, wrapped, and a surprise. The piece ends with a call to action for all that the wharf offers.


Distribution: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | Website
Results: 167,000 views | 430 Shares | 90 Comments | 1,300 Reactions

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